мини-отель Ля Менска

Feel really homeliness and hospitality of our rooms.



Mini-Hotel Gastsinny yard " La Menska "

Welcome to Mini-Hotel Gastsinny yard " La Menska " - a small hotel and restaurant on the outskirts of the central district of the city of Minsk , combining modern interior charm and hospitality of a private residence .

Mini-Hotel Gastsinny yard " La Menska " , opened its doors to guests in Minsk in 2010, is situated on one of the main traffic arteries of the city - 45th km Ring Road, a 10-minute drive from the railway station and in close proximity to the cultural and multifunctional sports complex " Minsk-Arena" . Only 30 kilometers from the ski centers "Silichi" and "Logoysk" .

Today Mini-Hotel Gastsinny yard " La Menska " - it has 25 comfortable rooms.

The trip from the mini-hotel " La Menska " International airport "Minsk -2 " in 40 minutes .

The owners and staff mini-hotel every effort is made to the quality of service combined with a low price .

You can :

make reservations directly on the site (online booking take you 5 minutes )
reservation by phone ;
stay in a room that seems to you the most suitable;
quickly get anywhere in the city ;
get a nice relaxing environment , European service at a reasonable price ;
a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the hotel itself, due to the small number of issues and a lack of crowds of guests ;
great service due to the small number of living and opportunities in a timely and quality personnel to perform their duties ;
a variety of additional services ( free Wi-Fi, in the reception area , parking , taxi , ironing facilities , order food delivery , etc.);
affordability compared to hotels that have similar geographical location .

On the territory of the mini- hotel has free parking .

The mini-hotel Gastsinny yard " La Menska " we cherish the best traditions of Belarusian hospitality and we give you our sincere care and attention , warmth and comfort .